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Kuki - I looked at all the photos- simply lovely. I loved some of the black and whites, and the one of the bride with just her ankle - foot - simply beautiful.

The picture of Geela in her dress - she was beautiful, and her dress divine.

The theme - spread with love. I think that is just beautiful - and in fact I have ideas running thru my head for a womens ministry meeting - I will give the bride all the credit.

How many jars of jam did she have to make - what a sweet thoughtful touch.

Also, Kuki - one of your relatives must have taken a wrong turn on their way to the wedding, and ended up in my friends pool. Hope he made it to the wedding on time.

Thanks for sharing. I have missed you greatly. But, I know that you have lots going on and are truly the most important things there are.

Blessings to you and your family!
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