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Cant say anything but agree with the scentiment.

And yet another example of lines just ticking boxes regarding something has been "done".

They do it every 5 - 14 days or so, and it appears to be a nuisance to them and not what they actually want to do with that time,,its boring but its regulations.

And as passengers we may feel the same,,but its part of cruising, part of what is expected, part of safety.

Sorry, but if some folks are so ignorant and feel so self important that they can ignore the drill or refuse to take part,,then to me at the next port that is a kick them off crime. But again the line will not do that as they are potentially kicking off a very high spending but arrogant passenger,,,mmm safety and disrespect to others winning over potential dollars gained

But I will also bet that those that appear arrogant and ignorant to the drill will be crushing woman and children to get onto a life boat first if God forbid something went wrong on the ship.

Call them out lines, deal with them at the time. Show its wrong and what happens if you don’t take part in something so important that potentially could affect everyone and the whole ship. Even if it’s just to prove to the ones that do take part that this is important and it is not just a TICK in your Captains log before or during sailing.

I vote for a role call at the lifeboat station, tick in the box if there. If not then hard questions asked from the ships officers if you are reported absent. Does that make it too official? Maybe so but I cant think of anything more important regarding that ship and its passengers and safety

Oh and I do not endorse any advert that seems to appear with my thoughts.
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