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Good Morning Mates,

Not sure about todays weather - looks a bit dark out - but starting tomorrow - I know that it is going to be four days of hot, sunny day! I am going to be living by the pool - well I hope I will.

Delft - glad things are progressing - soon your whole home will be redone! Good for you - mine is in great need of attention, and yet we have no means to take care of it, so it is frustrating.
Also, I am so glad that you enjoyed a nice birthday with your mom. You have brought her so much love, comfort and care. You are such a good example to us all. Thank you.

ToddDH - I drove across the Smoky Mts. two years ago from TN to Cherokee - beautiful, beautiful drive - it was in the fall.
I had wanted to spend time in Cherokee - but time became an issue, and truly my heart was broken - it seemed so sad. We did stop for breakfast.
I am 1/8 Abenaki from both sides of my lineage. I refer to myself as part Native American - I have tried to educate myself somewhat of the culture of my heritage - because the State of Vermont refuses to acknowledge us as a people - or that we ever had a history here it is hard. Ours is a sad story too. We are Woodland Indians - and belong to the Algonquin Nation. The dress for this nation traditionally would have been buckskin - embroidered with porcupine quills - also used for necklaces along with seeds, and corn - I wonder what Trip would make with these "bead"?

Busy, to work today, then hopefully berry picking since we got rained out this week - then prayer tonight at church. A full day to be sure.

Walk in peace and joy today!
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