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welcome Mary...thanks for posting on our boards...I think I understand what you are seeking our assistance with...I have a friend that found if you go on a cruise with a strong supportive group of friends and family members, there are enough activities on the ship and enough non alcoholic beverage options, that it lessens the "pressure"..My friend actually went on a HOGS (motorcycle fans) cruise and was surprise of the number of non drinkers in the group and they had a great time to the point that they are going this year maybe if this is your first cruise, you might do some research in terms of what your passion is (music, books, soap operas, knitting..etc) and see if they have a group that goes on cruises and go with that group (suggest you work with a travel agent that specializes in cruises)

in terms of specific marketed "sober cruises" I cannot offer insight.i actually did research for my friend with them for the first cruise, but in the end my friend was able to identify the group going on the HOG cruise and it worked out great

on these boards, we sometimes "wander off the original posted topic" but we usually can get you the information you need

have fun on your cruise
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