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HAL,,,I dont

"I find it interesting that someone would post remarks regarding how I think. "

I give my opinion not based on your thoughts or experience but mine, you may have thoughts on it, but the opinion is mine based on my experience, you can take it onboard or you can ignore it, simple. Its an opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Does that make me right and you wrong, No

All I'm saying is I've seen both sides of the story, nothing more.

And all I know and it is my experience and opinion, that gamblers are the biggest liars on Earth, they deny or make excuses for everything. When its good, its good and tell everyone, but when its bad they hide the truth.

And thats just my experience of people like me, and back then when I was one of them.

If you are saying gambling is innocent and just a fun thing,,mmm I disagree
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