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Default Re: Karaoke & Demographic Question for the Voyager of th

Originally Posted by greenwalls
Taking a karaoke Addict on a 7 day Western Med cruise and was wondering if anyone would know how many nights of karaoke there may be?

Also what would the demographics be for a Sept sailing? We don't dislike children or the elderly, but we travel for a brief respite from a hoarde of them at home.

I have also posted these questions on the NCL board as we are considering that cruise also. I hope that is not against the BB rules to post in 2 places

Thanks and happy sailing!
We were on Voyager in early July for their Med cruise starting/ending in Barcelona. I recall seeing karaoke once but there could have been more. Usually there is some sing along in the Schooner Bar, too, but I didn't spend much time there so I can't say for sure.

There shouldn't be many kids in September because most will be in school but there may still some who are too young yet for school. September is traditionally a non-family time to cruise so there may be an older (not necessarily elderly) crowd.

We really loved Voyager and had a great time. The ship is clean and well maintained, the crew were great. The food got significantly better on the second night and remained so for the rest of the cruise. The Beatles show was the best show I've seen on a ship in 8 cruises. It is a very port intensive cruise, too much so for my taste. The ship's tours run between 8-10 hours and there is only one sea day, you are on the go everyday from early (7 a.m.) to late, so pace yourself.

I'd be happy to answer any more questions if you have them.

Have a great cruise.

I loved Voyager and had a blast, as did my kids.
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