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Default Ship Job Information
The information is always and!


I work on a ship full time, and have since 1998. I started a blog to help other people cut through the crap and get a great crusie ship job!
Two things are certain:
1) Most of the sites on the internet, at some point, will ask you for money.
2) No site can guarantee you a job - the only person who can offer you a job is the cruise line - period.

If you choose to buy website site access, or a book, or a video, or a DVD, or a pamphlet, all you are getting is information which is free on the web. All you need is a little direction and some web search savvy and you can get all this info yourself - and it will be up-to-date!

There is no magic to getting a ship job - you still have to do all the work - this is not a lazy man's or woman's pursuit - no magic wand - nadda.

The problem with a lot of that other info, is that is is soon out-dated as soon as it is printed, pressed whatever. The cruise industry is changing very quickly - on a weekly basis - and so do the key contact personnel.

Most people operating these other sites, claim they USED to work on ships. Times change - I am currently still on ships, in very good positions, so my info and contacts are always current.
The information is always and forever...FREE!
Follow the blog, read the older postings to get up to speed.

Cruise lines hire from all over the world. Last summer, I got hired as a CD by a European cruise line for 2 1/2 weeks - sailing Europe! They flew me from North America, so it doesn't matter where you live! It matters who you are and what you offer!

If you are really lazy, send me your info and $1500 cash, and I will get you a job. Probelm is, if you are really lazy, you'll last about one day on a ship. Crew members are some of the professional, hardest, smartest working people I have ever met. So, if your really want to work on a ship, keep your cash and do it yourself - you can!
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