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Default Re: Cover Charge AND a la carte pricing?

Originally Posted by zooman
Our cruise info arrived for our New England cruise in September and it mentions a cover charge and a la carte pricing for the restaurants. My last cruise on NCL only had a cover charge. How new and how pricey?
NCL's Freestyle cruising gives you the opportunity to dine at one a large number of restaurants onboard your ship. There usually two dining rooms that have no cover charge and are very similar to the dining rooms on other cruise ships. There is usually also a "Blue Lagoon" restaurant that is sit down but serves more casual food such as: Fish and Chips, hamburgers and onion rings and other good stuff.

NCL's ship's will have anywhere from eight to ten additional dining venues that will have a service charge of $10 - $25, per person, cover charge. These restaurants range from Italian, Chinese, Sushi, Tepanyaki to, my favorite, Cagney's Steakhouse.

If you budget an additional $100 to $150 to your cruise budget you will have one of the best dining experiences on any ship. I strongly recommend that you give at least one or two of the specialty (surcharge) restaurants a try.

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