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Default Explorer of the Seas Aug. 6, 2009 :)

Ports - St. Maartan, San Juan, St. Thomas, Bermuda (9 nites)

The man in Charge - Captain Ryan
Cruise Director - Good Day Dave (Dave Chapman)
Favorite drink on this cruise - Love Connection

Weather was very good hot and sunny. However day 2 was rocky from 3am to 1pm most cruisers were in their cabins. However at 1pm when the rocking stopped many were at the pool.

Chair hogs were out and in full force. I reserved my chair by 9am.

This was the first cruise where no airfare was needed. Car service picked us up and one hour later the Explorer was in view.

Being we were just fresh off Liberty My Love plus the Explorer is now 11 years old I was not sure just how nice of a ship Explorer would be.

I did see the difference in size and was comparing how much bigger the windjammer, pool area, staircases and kids club were on Freedom class ships.

Most of my fellow cruisers were from the Jersey/New York/Philly/CT area.

The ship is in wonderful shape I was expecting wear and tear for an older ship. Everytime while in port out come the crew to clean the ship they were everywhere more so then in any other one of my cruises. She is going into dry dock in January.

The sailaway party was alot of fun and it was cool going under the bridge.

My first time to Bermuda and I loved it and will be back. Horseshoe Bay was the best. Found a home that was for sale that I would love to buy for 1.5 million.

St. Maartan we went to the beach for about an hour then back to the ship.

St. Thomas we went to Coral World Ocean Park and it was fun.

San Juan since my zipline was soldout I decided to take a short walk however when I exited the ship I noticed Senor Frogs there so off I was to SF to get my balloon hat and have some shots. I did not want to go far since the ship was in San Juan for a short time.

Food was great. Each nite had a fish dinner and everything was good.

Entertainment was very good also. Two comedians were funny. A magician/comedian was good. The production show "An invitation to Dance" was very good featured the Royal Caribbean dancers choreographed by Louie Van Amstrong from Dancing with the stars.
There were two evenings of poolside dancing, 70's nite (loved it) two parades and the Quest where a cruiser removed his eye! (Gross) :o
Poolside games - Twister, Belly Flop, Sexy Legs, Jenga, Mr. Hunk, Ms. Biceps and alot of line dancing.

The crew on this ship is awesome! Good Day Dave/CD is excellent he is right up there with Rich Spacey. He does some original stuff that has you laughing and not just the basic "how to be a CD for dummies 101"
He was also visable and took part in the Sexy Legs contest which CD's never do they have one of their staffers do it. Plus he was the poolside Salsa teacher and all the ladies were happy about that when I post my pictures you will see why. He is off to the Mariner so anyone on the Mariner in the next two months are in for a treat.
Thanks do our waiter Big D (Deson from Serbia) for the wonderful service and the 3 lobsters and extra escargot when it was not on the menu.

Music around the ship was very good. Latin band was good. DJ Savio was excellent. Poolside band Vibes are the best pool band Royal has got. I've seen them on the Navigator in Feb. and they did remember me as the Navigator Dancing Queen. Their music is wonderful they can play a Rod Stewart song and make it Calypso and sound good. 8) Just Awesome!!

Did the Bridge tour and the Galley tour. Interesting to know that the galley bakes 3,000 cookies a day! 8)

One thing good about a departure close to home is many locals on the ship. Met some wonderful people and made new friends. Only this time we can meet up for dinner since we are so close instead of making friends from other states where you stay in touch by email/FB only. My son also made a friend and just so happens he lives 5 mintues from us. So they will be getting together soon.

Jersey and NY folks are fun and can discuss any topic. Here are some of the topics discussed on sea days while I was in the hot tub.

1. There is a BahamaPapa drink in addtion to the Bahamamomma. However Papa is the stronger version.

2. Green Tea reduces a woman's breast size. :o :evil:

3. After St. Maartan there were a few couples in the hot tub talking about their day in Orient Beach and they mentioned the nude guy with the super big ****. They thought it was fake and had to get a closer look. At that point while I was sitting in the hot tub I thought now why did I not go to Orient beach!!!

I have learned that on my next cruise I will try a BahamaPapa, I will never drink Green Tea and next time in St. Maartan I will go to Orient Beach.

We will be on Explorer again next year it was an awesome cruise. Alot of laughter with my fellow cruisers and the staff also alot of dancing.

Bought the Week in review video I am all over in it.

Thank you to.....
Big D (waiter)
Assistant Waiter
Abel (Room Attendant)
Ricardo (Diamond Lounge)
Arnie (Diamond Lounge)
Sharon (Disco Bartender)
Vibes (Poolside Band)
Mirage (Latin Dance Band)
Good Day Dave (CD)
Darryl (CD staff)

Let's see if I can find anything to nitpick about????

Oh yea! Once again from an inside cabin Gar. they gave me a promenade cabin. We had three teenage boys next door and they made soooo much noise. They were jumping on the beds, throwing things around yelling and screaming. I had to talk to them almost everyday. One day I was getting ready for dinner and they were sooo loud I was starting to have a headache. I marched over there knocked on the door and told them to shut the hell up. 8)
Seems like the promenade rooms are popular with teenagers/kids.

The hot tubs ruined two of my swimsuits. I have no idea why. the bottom of my swimsuit has faded to a lighter color and now does not match the top this has never happened before. I need to buy new swimsuits.

The dining room was too cold.

Kids splashing in the hot tub. :evil: :o

Until we meet again Explorer!! xoxoxo
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Allure Of The Seas
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Oasis Of The Seas x3
Liberty Of The Seas x4
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Navigator Of The Seas x2
Explorer Of The Seas x2
Voyager Of The Seas
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