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I agree with the poster who said she doesn't want to be addressed my her first name by the cabin steward, the server in the dining room, etc.

I'm not a snob by any means, and I certainly don't think those people are "beneath me". I am and will be polite and pleasant, and undemanding, to them, but it's my vacation, and the services they provide are part of the total experience I am seeking. But they are not my new best friend!

I KNOW what it is like to be in a deferential position. I'm a retired RN, and years of providing bedside care provided me with exposure to all kinds of treatment and attitudes from patients and their families. Most were gracious and grateful for the care I provided. But there were always the few who were never satisfied, felt they were entitled to more care and attention than anyone else, and complained about EVERYTHING.

Pretty much what I am sure cruiseship's staff put up with.
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