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Originally Posted by beenie weenie
I believe the sushi is charged ala carte, if memory serves correctly. It's been a while, but I believe everything else is as Mike described.
Nope: The sushi is not ala carte. If it was my bill would have been $700.

The items are listed on the menu individually but you can order as many as you want for the standard cover charge. The first time I ever dined at the sushi restaurant, on Norwegian Star. I also thought it was ala carte but the waitress explained it wasn't. There was an "all you can eat" option from the sushi bar. It made things a bit confusing.

On our last cruise on the Jade, my wife and I were the only ones at the Sushi bar. I think the sushi chefs were happy to have someone there they kept giving us more and more, without us asking. I was in heaven.

BTW: Order the "Fruit Sushi" dessert. It is delicious and BEAUTIFUL.

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