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TM - Try a cruise out of our area not bad at all. Explorer hits Bayonne alittle after 8am on debarkation day. Unlike in Miami where you wake up and the ship is already docked. The cabin steward was very nice and said no rush to get off the ship so we took our time.

Mike-Suz - Yes another excellent cruise! From what the crew was saying most of the time you hit rough weather for alittle bit out of the nj/ny area. And the winter time will be even worse.

Bob - The two formals were Friday and Thursday.

Venice - The gals said they did get a closer look and it was all real. But what is big to one person may not be big to another. They went on and on talking so I'll take their word for it. I was laughing it was pretty funny.
When my son starts with the girl thing then we will cruise away from New Jersey area since once you debark that is it he would never see that gal again. Mom's are the best!!!

Kat - Good day dave will be on the Mariner only for two months. I'm glad Csis blended in and got a sunburn!! That is the way to do it!
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