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Originally Posted by Mike M
Originally Posted by beenie weenie
I believe the sushi is charged ala carte, if memory serves correctly. It's been a while, but I believe everything else is as Mike described.
Nope: The sushi is not ala carte. If it was my bill would have been $700.

The items are listed on the menu individually but you can order as many as you want for the standard cover charge. The first time I ever dined at the sushi restaurant, on Norwegian Star. I also thought it was ala carte but the waitress explained it wasn't. There was an "all you can eat" option from the sushi bar. It made things a bit confusing.

On our last cruise on the Jade, my wife and I were the only ones at the Sushi bar. I think the sushi chefs were happy to have someone there they kept giving us more and more, without us asking. I was in heaven.

BTW: Order the "Fruit Sushi" dessert. It is delicious and BEAUTIFUL.

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I went and checked NCL's website and is does list the sushi bar as ala

Sushi Bar
Located on Deck 7;
accommodates 21.
The Jasmine Garden Asian Restaurant also has a Sushi Bar where you can enjoy the very best sushi expertly prepared as you watch. The menu is priced a la carte.

But like I said it has been a while since our last NCL cruise, so things are changing I am sure. I also got the impression that the sushi chefs were happy for the company too and regardless of the billing arrangement they were very generous and very good at offering recommendations. There was one in particular named "Rambo" that d/h and I became very fond of. The day we left the ship he was moving on to the Jewel. Sad thing is I can't recall if we met him on the Spirit or the Pearl. I do know it wasn't on the Sun . (perhaps a few too many martini clinics on that cruise lol) I would love to run into the young man again and hope he's might possibly be on our Jewel cruise in October. There also was an assistant Maitre D named Fortunado Revell, who was wonderful to us as well. If anyone has come across either of these gents please let me know.
One thing I have found on NCL is that certain dining room policies vary from ship to ship and I think the on board management is given some latitude. So perhaps it varies from ship to ship how the sushi is charged.

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