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Default Re: Excited about Belize Port

Originally Posted by Almamortis
My family will be on our first cruise in January, 2010. We are very excited about Belize Port. We are meeting some friends that have recently retired in Belize. They hook us up with a reputable tour company known as Action Boys Belize for ruins tour. They will also accompany us for the tour.

We will be on the enchantment. I just need to know if the ship will allow us to bring some medicinal plants from Belize? This is our first time cruising, so please bare with me.

Thank you in advance

Alma Mortis
Alma, We used action boys belize for the cave tubing and zip line in July. They are very fun people. We had Donald Ramirez as our personal guide and he is very informative. If you are really into history he will be tour guide to request. He is very passionate about history.

It is nice to hear that you are meeting old friends in Belize. Hope you have a fun day in Belize.
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