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Originally Posted by funmaker
Originally Posted by ferrangi
What a line up..... I like it.... especially cause I'm the leader...

Funmaker... does this mean you and briguy are sailing together? (at the same time)
Yes. Briguy is the first that I see sailing on Splendor Sept 20th. It also looks like they gets the VIP ??? (not sure what its called after 10 cruises) check in. I think I will try the early check in to avoid my usual anxiety. It also looks like you will be departing the same day. Have a great trip, it is getting real close. All the talk about Queen Mary, I just went on web site and lowered our price by $47.00. Wish I could do the same with the cruise. lol.
Yeah me too, I was never able to lower my price. Then they sold out of my catagory, so oh well, I think we got a good deal, so I'm happy. 8)
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