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Default Re: Currency Exchange Problems

Originally Posted by Oldsalt
Has anyone experienced the problem I'm having trying the change dollar's into Vietnamese Dong or Chinese money, I have tried all the large banks in St. Louis ares and all they exchange is the following countries money,Canada, Mexico, UK, and Europe, I tried AAA but they no longer do it. I guess I will have to wait until I board the ship or a bank in China. Any ideas you may have will be appreciated.
I have used ATM's in China and it was the best way to get currency. Just use your current ATM card. Almost all cards are part of the Cirrus or Plus network and work Internationally. Just let your bank know you will be traveling. It's the same as when you call your credit card company to notify them.

I have not visited Vietnam so I am unfamiliar with their ATM structure but I would bet it's standard.

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