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Originally Posted by Nurse Debra

As soon as they have majestic mountains, an untamed wilderness, moose, caribou, bears and decent temperatures, I will stop cruising to Alaska and try a cruise along the East Coast.

It's true, Debra, we have many of those things you mentioned. Two days ago, a friend of mine witnessed humpy's bubble-netting off the NH coastline.

I have had personal encounters with bears, and prefer to never have to go through that again. :o

Many of my family and friends who live here in NH have gone to Alaska and cannot stop talking about it. Perhaps the difference between the two states is our mountains take some time to travel to and enjoy, there are no glaciers here, and you can't sit on your balcony and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Almost all travel inland involves driving a vehicle. We have dog sledding and even some gold panning.

With that said, the Northeast has beautiful destinations.

All in all, I have never met a person who disliked being on a cruise ship or being in Alaska, or both. And I cannot wait to find out for myself...72 more hours!

Looking forward to that glass of champagne on my balcony while the Alaskan mountains pass by!

Sweet Sailing!

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