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Originally Posted by Mike M
Originally Posted by beenie weenie
Originally Posted by nmnita
Originally Posted by beenie weenie
I never tried the fruit sushi yet either. That will definitely be on our list this next trip in October. I will be sure to ask and get the straight poop on this conflicting info we have on sushi pricing.
beenie weenie, I have to agree with you on this, maybe it varies from ship to ship, but normally the ones we have been on Sushi is a la carte. Yes, do find out for us, I am almost certain you are right on this.

I really don't think anyone is wrong on this, I just think we've had different experiences. I don't want to trust my memory too much though. I think that the sushi might have been included with our meal when ate at the Asian fusion restaurant, when we had it as an appetizer one night, and so perhaps it was covered by the surcharge. Another night we went in just for sushi and sat at the sushi bar as opposed to sitting in the dining area and at that time I think it was charged as ala carte. Things are constantly changing at NCL, so one really never knows what they'll encounter onboard until you get there. I remember the first time we did the teppan grill, on the Spirit, it was great. They opened up with a couple of different types of sushi and sashimi, then some other items and much more extensive offerings than they do now and that was all covered by the surcharge.
I will find out though...if I haven't forgotten by October

I look forward to being vindicated.

I've done some research here and on other boards to make sure I wasn't treated "special" or CRS disease had kicked in big time and I now know you'll prove me right.

The menu says ala carte with no individual pricing. It means that the items are individually ordered but you can order as much as want. If there was an individual charge they would have individual item pricing on the menu. I don't think they wouldn't get too far by charging the $20 surcharge for a California roll.

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Mike, it could be there is a flat rate, I am not sure, but I am almost positive a couple of the ships, including the Sun did charge for Sushi. Let's hope someone or Bennie Weenie will clear this up for us one of these days.

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