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Originally Posted by Trip
In Boston you can try, Durgin Park, The no Name Restaurant, or The
Union Oyster House, which is not only Boston's oldest restaurant, it's the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the United States. Also the North End for Italian....
OH Trip!!.. when was the last time you went to No Name.. its so downhill Id be embarassed.. You are right about the North End and the italian food and I don't want to start a squabble, but either Mikes Pastry or Modern has the best pastry ever.. Seriously as for seafood.. there are few plaees that you can go wrong (except for No Name), in that area is The Barking Crab, an innovatige Legal Seafoods (forget Pier One or If your going to be in Copley square look for across from the Trinity Church Skipjacks.. and there is a Legal in Park Square..

In St. John.. if you walk along where the ships are..set back on the left s a lobster shack.. one of three restaurants owned by three brothers..

Bar Harbor..oh my G-d.. there is a lobster shack.. that is to die for.. you will find the crews there too. If your coming down from the hills. go to the left..and over the bridge....You go in..past the fried stations and pick out your own lobster by size or soft or hard shell.. then we added steamers and corn not to mention an iced coffee and take a #..Go across the way to the upstars of the building used in incleminte weather)and fiind an umbrella and table... and when they call your number be prepared to gourge yurself.. We ordered TWO two pound soft shell lobsters, steamers, corn and iced coffee and a few years ago for the two of us it was $50.00... lobsters believe it or not in o ur local supermarkets are $4.00 or $5.00 a pound.. so they are dirt cheap.. Until you have had a lobster taken out of the cold, cold waters of Maine.. you haven't lived. A Local restaurant is offering two one pound lobsters for $19.99
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