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Originally Posted by Manuel
Originally Posted by erikhag
Epic and Oasis in the same port give us the possibility of a great excursion. Passengers on Epic could buy an excursion with a tour on the Oasis and passengers on Oasis could buy an excursion with a tour on the Epic!
Someone on the Oasis would have no need to tour the Epic.

People are different and the OP seems to be more interested in Epic than you, you don't have to take that tour! You obviously already know everything about the Epic so you don't need the tour.

I know that I have no interest in cruising with RCI but that doesn't mean that a tour on the Oasis would be a waste of time for me. Of course I can spend the whole cruise on the ship but sometimes it can be nice to get off and if I'm in a port I have already visited several times, I could be interested in boarding an RCI-ship. I might hate the RCI-ship but then I will be extra happy when I'm back on the NCL-ship so the time shouldn't be wasted.
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