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Default Summit - Adjoining Cabin Noise?

We will be sailing on the Summit in October. Since we signed up late, there was not a lot of cabin selection left. We are staying in a Concierge Class cabin, but the only rooms available were on the Skye deck -- just below the Waterfall Cafe. We are concerned about the noise from above. (Another post mentioned chairs scraping the floor early in the morning.)

I just noticed that a cabin has now opened up on the Panorama Deck, but it is one that adjoins another cabin. I have stayed in hotels rooms with doors to adjoining rooms and been disturbed by conversations, or televisions from the other room, since the doors do not block sound as well as a solid wall. Has anyone had this experience with adjoining rooms on the ship? Which option will I have a better chance of peace, quiet, and privacy?

Celebrity says they put furniture in from of the connecting door when it is not being used, but depending on the furniture, that may or may not help.

Thanks for any replies.
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