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Not necessarily, the loudest cabin I ever had was on the Spirit and it went on until the wee hours of the morning. I actually was shooting a video of my kids one night as they hammed it up, and all the sudden you hear this loud rummbling sound that was like a roller coaster above us and that is what we listened to all night long, for several nights in a row. It was a 14 day cruise and the noise was awful. The only thing that saved us were earplugs. Otherwise we would have been sleep deprived, with two small sleep deprived kids and very unhappy travellers. :evil:

I did a little search for you, and you may have well founded fears or not... depending on what time you go to bed and how sensitive you are to sound. Here is an excerpt of a post I found from another board on your cabin
"We were in an inside cabin on deck 6. We were directly beneath Henry's Pub - it was quite loud until about 12:00 am. After a day or two it didn't bother us too much. We were glad that the night they had the sing along we had chosen to go to the Galaxy to hear Rebecca Lowe sing and Ross Bennet the comedian. Returned at 11:45, noise stopped at 12:00. We were in room 6571. "

If you think it might be a problem then call now and change it beforehand if it is possible. If not then pack some earplugs just in case. It really does pay to do your homework. One very well kept secret...when we were on the Spirit it was frustrating because they did not sell ear plugs in the gift shop. About three days into the cruise after much discussion with the reception desk, we found out they have squirreled away a whole drawer full of little foam earplugs, but they won;t tell you they have them, you have to ask.

It was a great cruise and our second time on the spirit. We really enjoyed it after we found the secret stash of earplugs

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