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Default Re: Flying across the pond

Originally Posted by green_rd
Let's say I'm sailing out of Rome (yet to be decided). I might have a flight like IND - JFK - FCO with the return being a reverse of that.

If I understand correctly the outbound flight from IND to JFK would be like any domestic flight. What happens there? Do we have to retrieve luggage? Do we head to an international terminal to got the trans-Atlantic flight? And, what happens if we change planes in Europe?

Then the reverse, if I understand correctly we would clear customs at JFK. Is that right? That means we have to get our luggage first, does that involve leaving security. Do we check in with the airline again to get rid of the bags?

That's a lot of questions, but the driving question is how much time should be allow to make the connection at JFK. Some of the times I'm seeing seem a little optimistic for what I anticipate encountering.
not a stupid question~nobody told me you have to claim bags and recheck them when flying back in internationally. would have saved us a ton of headache in knowing that.

you are correct in what you stated about checking in. you will connect from IND to JFK like you would a domestic flight, no bag claim needed.

on the way in from FCO to JFK, you will be directed to an international terminal where you have to claim your bags, recheck them at the customs security counter *just like checking in to fly out* and then be on your way to your gate.

if your times are too close together, you will not make it. it takes a while.

good luck
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