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Default Smoking

I dont actually mind the smell of the smoke that much, it's its effect on my health that is the hard part. I have asthma, and while I may not mind sitting near smoking people, I HAVE TO RUN when I smell smoke because if not, I will be sick in about 24 hours, coughing, ubale to breathe and I usually end up with bronchitis, eventually miss a few days' work, etc.

As for smokers' "rights," they have no rights. You are protected if someone treats you differently because of your race, age, color (yes that is a different legal category from race), religion, national origin, in some places sex, sexual orientation, even if you are overweight or unattractive, but smokers, have no rights to any kind of equal treatment.

Nonsmokers, however, are forced to suffer because of the inconsiderate habits or just plan meanness of smokers. They ignore no smoking signs, they smoke around kids, other people, animals. I'm sorry about their addictions, really I am, but it should not be my problem as well and as long as they keep on smoking, it is.

Look at the roadways littered with cigarette butts. I can't go to outdoor dining areas, beaches or anywhere smoking is supposedly banned because smokers ignore the rules and willfully poison my lungs. I don't care if they want to posion their own, but must they poison mine as well?

They all think they are being considerate smokers, too, but they aren't. Those self professed considerate smokers walk 3 feet from you and think that makes it all OK. Um, yeah, sure.

Why should the public areas I love to visit be off limits to me because smokers and their highly and immediatley intrusive habit? God help you if you ask a smoker to put it out. Even if they are in a clearly marked non-smoking area, they act like you asked them to change religion or submit to a waterboarding or something. Pardon me for wanting to breathe clean air. I am so selfish.

When I go on cruises I miss out on a lot bcs I simply can't risk breathing smoke. Even places that are designated nonsmoking are often filled with smoke so while it is not fair, it is what it is. I just wanted some smokers to know how much their behavior really does adversely affect others. I am not some hypersensitive person. Like I said, I don't even mind the smell THAT much, it's the effect it has that does me in. Maybe they already know how their behavior makes others sick, and are just mean b@$+@rds who dont care. They'll have atshma in hell and have to work in a smoke filled enviroment.

Ok rant over.
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