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Default Re: 1st Disney Cruise-10/24/09---Help!!

Originally Posted by wlkent67
This is our 2nd cuise--however 1st Disney Cruise--we are Cruising Disney Magic 10/24-10/31-we have a cat. 4 room w/ verandah-It will be me and my husband and our 2 daughters who are 6 and 5-as time is approaching fast I am starting to get stressed! I have read the tips from Kathleen, copied and pasted them so I won't forget them-----just wondering about a few things--
1. Passports-it states that they aren't needed-so any extra cost saved is helpful---is it ok to not have them?
2. Transportation from airport to port--we arrive the day we set sail around 10a.m---so I am trying to find trans. to the port at a costly manner?
3. Packing--don't want to pack anything we might not need and don't want to leave anything needed out--also tend to overpack?
4. Kids club---do we need to register them early?
5. Should or can we book or Palo dinner early online?
6. We have early dining for 2 of us and late dining for the other 2--we are on a waiting list to get us all on early
7. Any tips of princess tea--Mickey dinner or things to not miss out on for our 2 girls?
8. Excursions--St. Maarten we are thinking about the Dolphin Encounter (it says ages 5+---my daughter doesn't actually turn 5 til 12/17 although this would be the one think they would love to do)------------or the Island & Butterfly Farm Tour----------or the See & sea Island Tour--any suggestions would be great St. Thomas/St. John---either Coral World Ocean & Island Drive or the Coral World Marine Park by Land & Sea Castaway Cay----------what is the best thing to do there-----we are thinking about just enjoying the atmosphere and not really planning anything ahead----but the walk to see Capt. Sparrow does sound great so any suggestions here would be great also

Im sorry if I have asked tooo many questions---but I know when we went on our 1st carnival cruise---I was sooo busy trying to get acquainted with everything and figuring out what to do each day----it was alot--and it kinda would just be nice to be able to just step back and enjoy this one----w/ out stressing out ---------------
Thanks for any advice and suggestions!!!!
I am very Excited about going----I think even more so than our girls
Wendi Kent

Howdy Wendy,
This is Kathleen that you copied tips from.
First suggestion, take a deep slow breath and relax. Disney will be great.
I will try to answer some of your questions.
1. They keep changing the passport rules, so go to the DCL website and if it says you dont need them then its ok. But make sure the birthcertificates have the seal they need to be certified. No registrations ceertificates or you will be denied boarding. We boroke down and got Passports and everything is so much easier, even at the airport security.

2. I fyour not wanting to pay for the DCL bus then I would rent a car at the airport, drive to the port and have the driver drop off the rest of the family and luggage. Make sure they have their photo ID on them.
Then while the family goes inside and sits down to relax the driver returns the car in Cocoa beach only a couple miles away. Most have a free shuttle that will bring the driver back to the port. He then shows his photo ID and can enter and meet up with you in the terminal.
Then when you return all will get on the car shuttle to go back and rent the next car to drive back to the airport. I think Avis, Budget and Herta all offer this service. Call them at the airprt to reserve and make sure they do offer this. Reserve the car to come back too so no delays.

Last time wedecided tot ake the crusie bus and it was well worth the money. after rentign a car, looking for directions , filling it with gas both ways we found out it really wasnt that much more to take the bus and not to have to worry about anything,

3. everyone over packs the first time. So lay out what you need, then out back about 1/3rd of it and you'll be about right. They do ahve laundry on board if you run short that is 24 hours a day. I think it was a dollar to wash and a dollar for 20 minutes ot dry. They also sell laundry soap on board. Leave room to add souvenirs when you come back too. Or bring a small fold up case to put the souvenirs in.
Dinner i learned you dont need different shoes for every night, a nice black sandal goes with everything accept formal night.
Bringing a sweater to go over a blouse give anew look at dinner and saves bringing an extra blouse and give you warmth on your arms for night and morning withoot bringing another light jacket. I only bring 2 shorts for a 7 day cruise and just rotate days I wear them. I dont care if someone notices, so's vacation. One swim suit is enough,. You have a clothes line in the shower to dry them between uses.

Save time register kids on line then in the terminal you can walk up to the kids tables and finish getting them their bracelets before boarding. That saves tons of time that you could be having fun.,

When you get to your room to see your dining card or look on your room card to see if you have early dining and are linked with your friends. If its not what you wanted, check the paper they give you at registration then follow the directions on that paper to get it changed. You arrive right when it starts and you will have a 90% chance of getting the changes you need.

Plesse book Palos on line. As soon as you can. It fills fast. If it says its full don't panic you can book it at the same place and time for changing dining times as I stated above.

Youhave picked good escursions for kids.
Coral world land and sea I am doing in November, kids will love seeing all the colorful fish. Butterfly farm si also great for kids.
Havnt done the Dolphin excursion. so cant comment.
Sea and See tour is nice but kids might be bored. Great views and the ship part was fun. Live singer who was great, Sit on upper deck to be near the entertainer and free pops, tip jar there. I liked it but i know my grandkids would have been bored with just seeing scenery.

Doing CC by ear is great. Do the bike ride if you can to see much of the island. The observation tower is a great view for everyone so bring your camera too. Plenty of cold water along the way in brown wooden cases withy ellow barrels.

hope that helps some.
feel free to send me a PM from here if you have a specific question.


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