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Originally Posted by monkeythyme
1. The captain has the right to throw you off the ship for any or no reason. 2. The captain, and by extension the crew, have the right to extend preferential treatment to high-roller guests at the expense of "lesser" passengers.
3. There is a hierarchy of nationalities on a Mediterranean cruise, and those of us who dwell on the North American continent are somewhere near, if not at, the bottom.
4. We as consumers have the right to choose the vacation we consider to be the most relaxing, entertaining, and appropriate for us in the circumstances. Accordingly, you will find me on a ship sailing from a U. S. port to a tropical destination. If you find me in the Mediterranean, you will know that I am dead and they put my body on tour.
You know I hate to admit it, but I think that perhaps you have a better grasp of the crux of this issue than any of us. This so called "hierarchy of nationalities on a Mediterranean cruise" does exist, and I have seen it myself first hand, but was never able to articulate it as eloquently. Bang! the nail has been hit right on the head.

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