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First of all, I don't mind if anyone "slams" me. I don't take it that way. It is just commenting on what I worte, not me personally.

I did contact Celebrity and ask for a comment, but they did not get back to m with one. This is actually kind of typical when they don't want to get embroiled in a controversy. I can't force them to comment.

The way I see, the over-riding factor here is the money someone paid for this trip. Granted, Dean broke a rule and contractually can be asked to leave the ship by the captain for any reason.

However, I still like to THINK that companies are more concerned about giving every customer value for what they paid.

Here is food for thought. A lot of people want the cruise lines to be responsible if someone over-imbibes, and if that drinking results in some kind of harm then the cruise line is somewhat responsible for what happened.

Does the cruiseline responsibility end just because the person harmed is the same person they must discipline. In other words. doesn't the cruise bear some responsibility for having overserved Dean? He never would have lost control if someone had realized he was intoxicated.

Furthermore, maybe they didn't know nefore the fact, but they knew after the fact. So, at the point would isolating him been a the right choice and then re-evaluating him as a person once he was sober?

The idea of a hierarchy of nationalities the Med never occured to me, but I don't exactly like or agree with the concept that means anyone, including the captain has the right to decide someone must leave the ship at anytime. I don't really care who is who in Europe, this is a US-based company with English as the primary language onboard. I don't really see this as a Mediterranean environment.

Now, if we were talking about the crew, or a Euroopean cruise line like MSC or Costa that woul be different.
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