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Default Packing (and unpacking) Hint

Someone in another post asked if the cruiselines provided enough hangers. Yes they do, as many as you want.

However, we each use a rolling duffel and I pack a lot of my clothes on wire hangers. I lay the pieces on the bed, each on top of the other and each on a hanger. I lay slacks and skirts inbetween shirts. I then fold the sleeves toward the center. Then, starting from the bottom, I roll everything up toward the hanger and place the entire bundle in my duffel. Once we're on the ship I take the bundle out, unroll it and hang everything up.

If you make sure everything is layed out flat in the first place, you'll have very few wrinkles. Place the items most likely to wrinkle on the bottom so they wind up on the outside of the bundle. If some sleeves are especially prone to wrinkle, stuff them with socks and other lingere'. Using this method, we are able to unpack in about 10 minutes. I also take a couple of Space Bags so I have something to seal the dirty clothes into.

Hope this helps some of you.
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