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First of all I know what tipping is this was my nineteenth cruise four on CCL. I have never before this week been told I have to pay tips ahead of time before service is given ( which is the point of tips ). I once heard a cruise director say " tipping is a personal thing" I know how to tip and I do not need someone to take money out of my account choosing how and what I tip. With saying that I have been cruising since 1988 and until this week no cruiseline has ever taken money out of my account for tipping and decide on the amount without services rendered. Last year I did RCCL Mariner the tips went as follows $3.50 $2.00 $3.50= $63.00 with the option of taking out of sign and sail or paying cash as I always do and the workers rather have the cash. For those who have sympathy for the workers on these ships then let's remember that everyone works hard on these ships including painter, maintenance, sales people (picture, stores, phtographer ect.) why stop the tipping only in the dinning areas. Keep in mind it is not the tips it is the method on how it's being taken out. Understand that no other cruise line uses this method to charge what ever they please and if you do not catch it you will be so called tipping every employee.

RCCL: Song of Norway, Majesty,Monarch, Sovoreign, Explorer.Adventure, Enchantment, Mariner and I'm a member of Crown and Anchor Society (Diamond Member) CCL: Tropicale, Festival, Celabration, Glory. NCL Norweign Dawn. Celebrity Century and I will get back to you if I missed any oh and by the way I did Majesty and Sovereign and Adventure twice. My wife reminded me of 2006 Navigator which I also took my grandchildren and I gave them all envelopes with the tips to hand all the workers.
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