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I do not think anyone should be scared off these tours....however some new facts need to be addressed, so that people can make a fully informed decision.

Yhony ( and Major Tom have both always given passengers their money's worth.

I started reading up on them years ago on our first trip to Belize and over the years ...have read 95% positive stuff about both of them.

Hubby and oldest son tubed with Yhony in May 2008 and had a blast.

HOWEVER, what folks need to realize now is that since Carnival is not offering the cave-tubing excursion...those "bodies" are having to be absorbed by the existing independent tour operators....and (at least for awhile)....this "may mean" the independents experience some "growing pains".

And since the independents do not have a crystal ball to tell them if the cruise line's actions are temporary or permanent....the independents do not know if they should make the investment in additional guides and equipment or not. seems that (at least for awhile) there may be some strain on the independent's abilities.....

Not saying both still won't do a great job....just understand that they may be a bit "pushed" times....

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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