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Originally Posted by joecru
Well I see the people on here do not get my point so this is my last comment. If I want to give my waiter let's say $4.50 a day and my stewart $5.50 a day I'm alright with that. My question is out of the $70.00 that is charged by CCL which is minimum tips for my services ($3.50,$2.00,$3.50,=$63.00) with and additional $7.00 being charged for each passenger for misc. Where is the $7.00 going? Are you sure it's a tip or is it subsidizing pay. When I questioned it I was told it was for the staff in the lido deck for bussing tables. Keep in mind theses workers are your assitance waiter. If you want to really find out, for those who have upcoming cruises on CCL or it's affiliates ask your assitant waiter (if you care about there treatment or pay) do they receive the extra tips? Maybe this is subsidizing there base pay for example 2500 passengers =$17,500.00 do the math. Someone replied that RCCL did the same thing, please go on and you will see you are wrong I just did Mariner last year and they gave me an option on how I wanted to pay (and they did not take it out without my approval) from my Sign and Sail or cash. Also if you choose
" just take it from my Sign and Sail" they give you a voucher to hand to your worker. One other thing for those that don't know CCL own Holland America Line, Cunard Line, Princess Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line and Costa Cruises. and used to own NCL so if you witness this on any of these lines guess what it's still CCL. Keep in mind the object is the worker makes money not the cruisline. I owned a business for 17 years and I always made sure my employees got there tips furthermore I have never taken a tip or there tips.
You're right I don't get your point. And btw Carnival never owned NCL.

Just stick with RCI and don't opt for anytime dining and you'll be fine. Enjoy your cruises.

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