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Both Carnval and RCCL have the exact same options for tipping. This is from the RCCL website:

Pre paid by having them added to your reservation by your booking agent.
Added to your onboard SeaPass account.
Paid in cash at the end of the cruise

A couple of questions, Joe,

Both Carnival and RCCL automatically add a 15% gratuity to bar bills. Do you tip differently if you go up to the bar and order a drink or if you are sitting down somewhere and a waiter brings you a drink?

When you order room service on either cruise line, do you or would you tip the person that brings it to you?

First of all you are wrong! CCL debits your tips from your SSA when you set it up automatically ( meaning that they just take your money and do what they want) in other words today $7.00 per pass. and next year maybe $11.00 per pass. because remember they take the money out without your permission. Also the point you are missing is that I have no problem giving tips for service rendered 15% or 20% or when food is delivered to my room which is a service. So I think you still do not get my point in other words maybe some do but I don't need anyone controling my money. It is my choice on when I tip or how I tip if I do not want to pay 15% I will not order a drink from the bar if I don't want to tip for room service I don't order room service you see this is control of your money not have someone take it out I'm not a child nor am I ignorant.
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