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Originally Posted by joecru
First of all you are wrong! CCL debits your tips from your SSA when you set it up automatically ( meaning that they just take your money and do what they want) in other words today $7.00 per pass. and next year maybe $11.00 per pass. because remember they take the money out without your permission. Also the point you are missing is that I have no problem giving tips for service rendered 15% or 20% or when food is delivered to my room which is a service. So I think you still do not get my point in other words maybe some do but I don't need anyone controling my money. It is my choice on when I tip or how I tip if I do not want to pay 15% I will not order a drink from the bar if I don't want to tip for room service I don't order room service you see this is control of your money not have someone take it out I'm not a child nor am I ignorant.

Joe, when you board Carnival, you can head straight to the purser's desk and have the auto-tips removed. It IS the same.

Most people use a credit card as a deposit against the SSA. Nothing is charged to the credit card until AFTER the cruise. If you use cash or a debit card it is a little different, but if you go to the purser's desk as mentioned above, there is no difference.

No money has changed hands.

I am not ignorant. You are entitled to your opinion, but I do not agree with your analysis and don't think anyone else does.
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