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As far as I know, this is nothing new. I kind of like the auto tipping policy, no need to worry about bills to hand out on the last nite. I don't quite understand the OP's suggestion that they are getting double tips?? What am I missing there.

Have to agree with the previous posters, any and all tips the staff do receive are certainly worked for, I've never had a problem with the tipping policies.

Understand, this is not a method of tipping that is your choice but charges on CCL charge to passengers that has nothing to do with your personal service. In the pass the cruiseline trusted the customer to pay there tips at the end of there cruise but now they feel (CCL) you must pay your tip at the beginning of your cruise not giving you a choice. But that is not what bother me it's that they(CCL) decided to add an extra $7.00 a passenger for misc. Someone on here said that all cruise lines do this and that is not true. Please check RCCL against CCL and compare tipping price and methods. One more thing this is not how it used to be even with CCL you choose how and what you were going to tip maybe this is a way to stop deadbeats and I'm fine with that but don't you this as a way to take more money from my account for misc. Don't take my word for it do some research.
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