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"As for smokers' "rights," they have no rights"

Sorry, but I do, until some either privately, ie the ship says NO Smoking in this place, or the country says you cant smoke here and says NO Smoking then I have the right to smoke in places that are not deemed as NON Smoking.

I am not asking to smoke in designated non smoking areas, I just reserve the right to smoke in the places that have not been deemed as such.

Sorry this may seem harsh, but not my problem, I obey the rules but cannot take into account how others may feel when I smoke in places that by local rule or law that I am allowed too.

AS for "just mean b@$+@rds who dont care. They'll have atshma in hell and have to work in a smoke filled enviroment"

mmm, we are people too, and I do care

Put it this way, there are more places you can be that I cant smoke, than the places I can smoke that you may happen to find yourself in. Given the restricted areas I can smoke in, why are you in there and complaining?
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