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Originally Posted by seacookie
Paul, pleassse say you aren't serious. I can't imagine anyone who has paid several thousand dollars for a cruise to be happy when a crew member says, "Sorry sir, I can't serve you anymore cocktailas because you've had too much to drink and you are making a fool of yourself, so please return to your stateroom immediately."
I have seen [and heard] it done by bartenders on both Royal Caribbean and Carnival. Of course they don't put it as bluntly as your post implies, but they do it. They are professionals and they know how to do it tactfully.
In a similar vein, if Celebrity had a professional bouncer on Solstice, nobody would have ever know that Mr. Laderoute was being ejected from the casino. It would have looked more like two old friends leaving together. A bouncer never uses force when tact will do.
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