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Originally Posted by reverendjeff
Is this the same guy who plays hockey and beat up the cabbie over 20 cents?
$7.00 Really? all this angst over $7.00?

Please pm me and I will be glad to mail you the $7.00 just to not have to ever read such a mountian of stuff over a molehill problem.

We pay "hidden" fees on every service we recieve at home. Is it just me or is this all a bunch of &%@#?
And if the hidden fee is in my base price I have no problem these are not hidden fees if they were I would not know about them. But hey that is your money but I see that you don't get it and you must have money to light cigars with $100.00 bills. The subject is the ripoff not the ability to pay $7.00. You are happy with giving away money and stick out your chest and say only $17,500.00 CCL is getting, I'm not! Now I understand how the conmen get there victims. Good luck!
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