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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
Joe - is that $7.00 a one-time charge? Is it per person or per cabin?

I have to admit I did not get what you were saying at first either, but you are saying that in addition to the regular tip charges they have a miscillaneous service fee that they charge right at the beginning of the cruise, right?

That would be a little strange and something new thing I have not seen before, personally. Of course, they could have easily hidden it by raising the daily charge by $.50 per person (or is it per stateroom?).

In any case, I don't like stocker shock, either, but it still isn't as bad as my phone bill with a dozen extra service fees for anything they can think of.
Here's my take on what he's trying to say.

The cabin steward is getting $3.50 a day

The waiter is getting $3.50 a day

The asst waiter is getting $2.00 a dau for a total of $9 a day for a total of $63 and you are being charged $70.00 so that's where the $7.00 comes into play where he is asking where does the $7.00 go.

It was listed that the $1.00 per day goes to the people at the buffet and since these people are also your waiters and asst waiters you are in essence double tipping since they already receive either $3.50per day or $2.00 per day depending on the position they work in the dining room.

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