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Default Re: reply to Kathleen---few more questions

Originally Posted by wlkent67
Thanks so much for the great suggestions---
--Called and found out the passports are not needed for these locations-so instead of paying the extra cost we are just bringing the other identification needed
--I checked with and they seem to be the most resonable-they charge $55.00 person for a party of 4 round trip--and because aren't traveling with car seats renting a car might not work--this sounds the easiest--but are flight get in at 10 a.m---so it will be a mad dash to the port as to get a great boarding number
--I think Im doing ok as far as the packing goes--I am trying to get things around now---do you think pants will be needed this time of year
--Our travel agent did get us all together for early dining--but now my husband wonders if we shouldn't take the later time--whats you opinion with 2 kids--6 and 4---I think the early time is the best
--Tried to book Palo on line---but of course it does say booked--so I will do as you suggested and try to get that changed when we board
--Our travel agent said that you could leave your kids at the kids center during excursions--do you know if that is correct?
--Castaway Cay--do you know if there is a kids place where they do fun stuff while the parents can go on there own?
--The dolphin excursion says St. Marteen in our books however on-line it is listed in St. John/St. Thomas---and the price is very expensive--its $188 per adult and $166 for children---I think we will pick a different one
I am trying to relax and I have a list made--so I don't forget anything--trying to get things around now---
Thanks so much for the great tips!!!!!!
Wendi Kent
Carnival Cruise August 2002

Your welcome,

Yes early dinner is best with kids in my opinion. They really get burned out by evening. DCO keeps them busy all day if you choose to leave them in the clubs. Late night in the clubs, many wear PJ's and they lay our matts foe everyone to relax and watch movies. Most fall asleep.

Late dinner modt fall sleep during dinner or are extrmemly cranky. kids can also eat with the kids club uf you want t hem too, You must sign them up for this each day for lunch or dinner. Nice if you want a quiet dinner one night? They take them to a kids food buffet. Mostly finger foods. Mac and cheese, pizza,lots of fruits and veggie sticks, corn, jello, chicken strips, fries, hot dogs, burgers, applesauce, spaghetti etc... They do help them fill their trays and sit right with them in a special part of the buffet.

Yes you can leave the kids in the clubs while your off the ship, just remember the beeper wont work on the island if they need to reach you. Most dont need to . The kids are having a blast and dont even miss mom and dad.
On CC they have a great kids area with special events and just play time
They even dig in the sand for dinosaur bones, build sand castles. They are on the side away from the ocean for sec urity, near the family beach.
Kids will have a blast there. You can leave them for as little or long as you want to.

I always take a pair of pants and sweater or light weight jacket no matter what time of the year we crusie. Earlly mornign and late evening if you want to walk the outer decks the wind makes it cool, even on a hot day.
Sometimes the restaurants or theaters are a bit chilly for me. I think they turn up the AC to compensate for so many people in the area.

You should bring one warm outfit.. I have a disney hooded sweatshirt and jeans.
If you dont have one, theres a chance for a useful souvenir. You can buy one on the ship to wear. Kinda spendy but really nice quality. Watch for sales and close outs. Each day the ships stores will have sales. My son got a Donald duck watch for $25 that had been selling all week for $100. It was the last night of the crusie. So take aminute to check the sales each night.

I think that was all you asked.
I need to make door signs this week to decorate my cabin door in November. You'll see many decorated doors. Magnetic papers or magnets glued to paper is all they allow. Doors are metal. No tape or thumbtacks, just magnetic things.

Feel free to ask more questions.
I was gen all weekend or I would have answered sooner.


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