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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by joecru
Originally Posted by Paul Motter
Joe - is that $7.00 a one-time charge? Is it per person or per cabin?

I have to admit I did not get what you were saying at first either, but you are saying that in addition to the regular tip charges they have a miscillaneous service fee that they charge right at the beginning of the cruise, right?

That would be a little strange and something new thing I have not seen before, personally. Of course, they could have easily hidden it by raising the daily charge by $.50 per person (or is it per stateroom?).

In any case, I don't like stocker shock, either, but it still isn't as bad as my phone bill with a dozen extra service fees for anything they can think of.
Thank you someone finally gets it and it is $7.00 per person per week. In other words I took my wife and 10 y/o niece it was an additional $21.00 for what once was salary jobs 5 years ago that now are called tips. Once again thank you!
Okay I had written three posts, but I deleted them all because I don't understand you point at first.

You are saying that Carnival charged you $10 per day in auto tips and $1 per day in a Service Charge for a total of $70+$7+$77 per person for the whole seven day cruise. This is new and I have some questions I hope you can answer:

Were you allow to remove the $7 service charge? Did they explain what this charge was for? At first I don't see the point of your post. But now that I understand it was an additional $7 per person on top of the auto tips your posts make more sense to me.
No there was no additional $7 on top of the $10 per day. He is disputing this: $ 1.00 Per Day Alternative Services: distributed to other kitchen and hotel service staff.

He doesn't believe that CCL is paying the staff with this $1 and he should only be paying $63pp a week.

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