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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
I thought he said it was a $7 upfront charge per person and that it isn't mentioned in the tipping guidelines. I don't know if that is correct and $7 isn't much, but who here does not scour their final bill for any unforeseen charges? I know I do.

If I saw an odd $21 on my bill I wasn't expecting for a service charge I didn't think I received the service for I would mention it to the front desk. I am guessing that is what Joe did, and he was told it was for deckhands and bellmen. That's a new one on me and it is a valid point to mention it here.

You're OK Joe. Don't worry about the snide comments. Some things like $7 seem small, but it is how they are done that counts. It all adds into your cruise experience.
I don't see where the comments are 'snide' just incredulous that someone could invest this much time and energy over $7. If it bothers him that much he should opt out of the gratuity system.
Some things are worth disputing and some are just not, particularly when the OP does not seem to grasp what these charges are and how they are broken down. Numerous posters have tried to explain this - that he is not being double charged, but - -- I give up! Not snide, just bemused that someone gets bent out of shape over this when the remedy is easily available to him..

And he titled this thread 'Watch out for Rip-offs' - a bit of hyperbole considering it's $7 ....
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