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Sounds like the OP is saying simply that he or she doesn't like automatic tipping and prefers the old way of personal gratuities. I can understand that point. However if the staff is pleased with this 10$ per day automatic, then I'm content as well.
To me it would more logical for the company to charge $70 more basic fare, then proclaim " No tipping expected".
By prepaying gratuities with final payment, that's how it works out in the end anyway. No tipping expected !

This thread is confusing me
Let me get this straight...out of $70, a mere $7 goes to miscellaneous staff?
Who cares about $7? If one had booked a $1000 stateroom, paid $500 add on air, and $400 or so on shore excursions, and blew more in the gift shops or casino, ....why WOULD they be so concerned about how a mere $7 was distributed?
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