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Originally Posted by thedudeabides
Originally Posted by joecru

Just stick with RCI and don't opt for anytime dining and you'll be fine. Enjoy your cruises.


Exactly but why not the same thing on CCL.
Because Joe...different businesses are run differently. Just as there are different policies on dress codes, so are there on tipping. If you do not like the tipping policies that CCL operates under, you do not have to patronize the business. Case in point...I don't appreciate the fact that when I have a large party at a restaurant when we get gratuity automatically added to our bill simply because we have more than 6 people. Do I still go because I like the restaurant...yes. That said, I have the option to frequent other establishments that do not use this policy. You have the same option in your cruise line choice.
O.K I get it so for instance if CCL decided they wanted to tip the captain and charge you an extra $5.00 a day per person (because we know the captain deseves it) then that's alright? I will take your advice and not use CCL again because at this rate in the next ten years every crew person is going to be "tipped" by passengers including the captain.
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