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Originally Posted by katlady
Okay I have read along this thread. My opinion is the OP is not complaining about the $7 service charge. He is complaining over a quarter per day. Why do I say that? Because if he is tipping according to RCI's guidelines (see post above) he should be tipping $9.75 per day. So all this issue is over .25 cent per day or $1.75 for a seven day cruise. I can't beleive I spent this much time on $1.75.

I just think he doesn't like the auto tipping policy and is concerned that Carnival has control over his credit card. But even that is odd, because he can establish a cash account and not put anything on the credit card at all. Using words like "ripoff" and "double charge" are extreme and in my opinion incorrect.

For one thing you should be tipping by service; not by person. What if I go to the hair salon on both formal nights and I have the same stylist by both tiimes by OP's logic I shouldn't tip that person a second time, because that person already recieved a tip from me. That doesn't make sense to me. If I'm eating at the buffet or in the dining room for breakfast and lunch I'm recieving additional services and additional tips are required. That's my .2 cents worth.
You're wrong I have no problem with auto tipping it's what they consider a tip and I know CCL can not control my credit card I can turn on the T.V. and check my account anytime. O.K I get it so if someone spills a drink in the casino and an employee wipes it up before I step in it he deserves a tip or the guy standing at the door of the disco he deserve a tip the people who bus the tables in the Red sail give them a tip or the people at the purser desk who are very helpful give them a tip too. OK I get it thanks. Please read my other post and replies I have a headache.
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