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Originally Posted by Mike M
I asked about this on my 2006 Statendam, Asia, cruise. We were lucky enough to be at the Captain's table for the duration of this cruise. I asked the Hotel Manager, Deidrik Van Regermorter, where the additional amount goes.

He responded that this money is distributed to non-tipped, lower paid, service staff who also make your cruise more enjoyable. He specifically mentioned the dishwashers; entry level waiters in the buffet and the laundry.

He said that when the final distribution is made it isn't a large amount of money for these people but it does give them added compensation. He did not give me a dollar amount.

I personally doubt that after the distribution anyone would receive more than $25 - $50 per month but it's better than nothing and it's nice to know that the behind the scenes, lower paid, crew receive something.

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As a one time buisiness owner when I started my buisiness I looked at my overall expenses and charged my customers accordingly to cover my overhead that is including salaries. As with cruiselines that charge fuel surcharges or port charges (overhead). 5 years ago these fees or "tips" were part of your cruise price. Now this is what we call in the the business creative billing. Why not raise the price of the cruise I could respect that oh I forgot CCL is suppose to to the cheaper cruiseline. It's what I said from the start it is subsidizing there payroll in the name of tips CCL or one of its affiliates (Holland America). Good luck cruising.
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