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Originally Posted by joecru
Originally Posted by katlady
Here is the tipping guidelines from RCI website. When I add up the suggested tips I get $9.75 per day for stateroom and $12.00 for a suite. So Carnival's tips per day is about the same as RCI. If the OP doesn't like Auto tips he should just remove them from his credit card at the purser's desk. I guess I still don't understand how Carnival is ripping him off.
Q: What are gratuity guidelines for cruises?

A: So that you can thank those who have made your cruise vacation better than you could have imagined, we've developed these gratuity guidelines:
Suite attendant: $5.75 USD a day per guest
Stateroom attendant: $3.50 USD a day per guest
Dining Room Waiter: $3.50 USD a day per guest
Assistant Waiter: $2.00 USD a day per guest
Headwaiter: $.75 USD a day per guest
Note: These gratuities apply to guests of all ages.
Gratuities for other service personnel are at your discretion. A 15% gratuity will automatically be added to your bar bill or wine check when you are served.
One more time CCL C.ST. $3.50 per day RCCL C.ST.$3.50 per day Same CCL WA. $3.50 per day RCCL WA. $3.50 per day Same CCL ASST. WA. $2.00 per day RCCL ASST. WA. $2.00 per day Same. I did not mention the Head Waiter because this tip is not part of the auto tip deductions on CCL or (RCCL optional tipping service ) CCL $1.00 per day for misc. kitchen workers RCCL $0.00. CCL total $70.00 auto tipping RCCL optional tipping $63.00.
Okay here is the second part
These are the tipping guidelines from RCL website (the link was included if you want to verify my facts). RCI expects you to tip the Head Waiter .75 cent per day. Carnival expects you to tip misc staff, $1 per day. All other tips are the same. It's $9.75 VS $10.00 all we are debating about now is who deserves the money more the head waiter or the Misc kitchen staff and do they deserve .75 cents or $1. If you are in a suite on RCI you are expected to tip $5.75 for the cabin steward not $3.50, so it some cases RCI expects you to tip more money then Carnival.

If Carnival didn't allow you to adjust or remove the tips I would agree with your point of view. If Carnival added an additional $7 per seven day cruise and did not explain why I would agree with your point of view. Since this is not the case I do not agree with your point of view. You can go to the purser's desk and have the $7 to misc staff remove and you could take $5.25 of it and tip the head waiter. Because you could do this I don't believe that Carnival is ripping you off or double charging you. I do wonder and I do thank you for bring this up. What does that $1 per day go to, is it the dishwasher, is it the head waiter. I think that is a very good question.
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