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Originally Posted by joecru

I did not include the head waiters tip on CCL but it is the same .75 also the suites in CCL are also $5.75. The reason I did not mention it because CCL do not automatically debit these charges only the base minimum tips and the extra $1.00 per day. I'm talking about AUTOCHARGING. NOT the amount NOT the ability to dispute but AUTOCHARGING with reckless abandon..
Which is it? The extra $1 or the auto-charging? CCL has no such 0.75 extra tip, recommended or not, so the differential is really only $0.25.

I imagine part of the 0.25 cents extra per day goes to the sushi servers, the servers at tea time, and others besides the bus people.

Do you think Carnival is stealing it and not distributing it? That would be insane.

Where the heck did the incorrect comparison of ship pictures come from?

Using adjectives like Rip Off, Reckless Abandon, etc are simply not true and only reduce your credibility.

Surveys suggest the vast majority of CCL cruisers prefer the current system. I know I do. Carnival isnt going to change it just to accommodate you.
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