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Originally Posted by Ron
Is it just me or does the kid in the second photo, half on the dresser and half in the floor, with what looks like a glass of wine in front of him look a little odd in the photo??
More to the story than what's reported in that article.
If I were accused of damaging something I don't think I would wait to be banned--I'd ban myself from doing business with them again--but there's more to this than what's been reported here.
It looks to me like there are two glass of wine in front of a kid with a finger on a corkscrew. The kid could be acting or tired or whatever, but also could be intoxicated.

Dates are easy to add/change on photographs.

The truth is somewhere in between, but is clearly slanted in the article. I doubt Carnival will comment. I don't believe the original story is gospel.
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