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Originally Posted by "joecru I did not include the head waiters tip on CCL but it is the same .75 also the suites in CCL are also $5.75. The reason I did not mention it because CCL do not automatically debit these charges only the base minimum tips and the extra $1.00 per day. I'm talking about [b
AUTOCHARGING. NOT the amount NOT the ability to dispute but AUTOCHARGING with reckless abandon.[/b].
Now you're just grasping at straws and saying whatever you have toin order to make your point.

Where can I find this information that Carnival charges $.75 a day for the head waiter?

Where does it say that Carnival charges more for a suite to be serviced by the cabin steward?

autocharging with reckless abandon? It is well documented what autotips are charged and how they will be distributed. If you didn't agree why book?

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