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I've been sick and maybe the " bug " I've had has addled my mind or maybe I'm just plain dumb as hell-- but I thought at first the O.P. was complaining that some people were being double tipped--exp.--the busboys in the dining room doing double duty as bussers in the buffet, therefore raking in a tip for the dining room service and a tip for the buffet as well. ( they also handle luggage )
If all the problem is over $ 7.00 , which Carnival plainly states is for
" alternative services--distributed to other hotel and kitchen staff " then I would simply go to the pursers desk and politely have any part of, all of,
or the $ 7.00 that's causing such an uproar removed form my account.
When you go aboard, the tips are added to your account that day. Anytime you so desire, you can go to the pursers desk and have them removed. If you allow them to stay, they are NOT charged to you credit card that day--your final bill is calculated the last night, a statement sent to your cabin and if there's no dispute, then the amount is charged to your card .
For someone who supposedly cruised so much, it would seem that you should have a grasp of how things work now--not 12- 15 years ago.
Try going out for breakfast, paying the bill, tipping 15-20 % for breakfast, then lunch, then dinner-- don't go to Golden Coral for dinner--I'm talking about a nice restaurant-- do this for 7 full days and nights, add in the snacks, pizza, burgers, etc that's eaten between meals and see how much your bill and tips come to.
The information is all in Carnivals' website and printed in their brochure. There's no hidden charges. It's there and plain for anyone to see who takes the time to read it.
I'm not ion anyway trying to be anything except honest and upfront--but if you're so upset and unhappy with Carnival, I would simply take my business elsewhere---but--- be prepared to tip, or either exercise your right to have the tips removed or withheld from the staff.
Happy sailing and may the $ 7.00 come back to you many times over.
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